Sonntag, 1. Januar 2017

SSCS Receved

Hello is the time is running ... I was about Christmas in England to visit to our daughter ... I have time now ... To posting my lovely Christmas Present from Sonia ... ... I got a beautiful pillow presented by Sonia, and a lovely anging Star ... Sonia so many thanks 

The back is lovely too

And so a lovely Star

I am so Happy 

Kind regards Marika


  1. you are a lucky girl loving the pillow. Hope you enjoyed your stay in the UK not sure if I knew your daughter lived here

  2. Beautiful gifts Marika. Happy and healthy 2017 xx

  3. Hope you had a lovely time over Christmas and the New Year Marika! What lovely gifts you received! Christine x

  4. you are most welcome Marika, I am pleased that you love it.